The studio is located on the glass-walled corner of Henry and Warren in the heart of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

The studio is split into two rooms. The larger of the rooms with the entrance on Warren street is the home of our group Tower classes. The room is basked in sunlight with the Tower units facing each other surrounded by mirrors. No front desk, no smoothie bar, no retail. All the energy and space goes to one thing: you. You just step in and you are in it. Nine Towers and a master instructor in Pilates and your work begins.


The second room with the entrance in Henry Street is home to our private and duet Reformer sessions and TRX classes. The schedule alternates between the two. Reformer clients can work one-on-one with an instructor or work in a duo with a comparable partner. We aim to please and make it possible for those who want to work on the Reformer to be able to do so. Almost all of our TRX-certified instructors are also Pilates-certified instructors. The best of both worlds. Pilates level of attention to detail, alignment and form while you transform your body working with the straps.